The future of CoasterCrate

When we launched CoasterCrate in September we had no idea of the level of enthusiasm and support we would received from our followers and subscribers over the coming months. From selling out of our prototype Box Zero in a matter of days, to the thousands of people who watched CoasterCrates being unboxed, to the giant piles of crates we were producing in January and February, we’ve been extremely proud of everything that grew out of our initial vision.

However, in late February we made the difficult decision to pause CoasterCrate as a monthly subscription service. This was partly due to the immense workload required every month to design, produce and fulfill all of our orders, partly due to the tight profit margins involved and partly due to the fact we did not believe we would be able to maintain the quality of our CoasterCrate products working at such a pace.

We’ve had some time to reflect on what’s next for CoasterCrate. During this time, we have been selling limited availability items from previous CoasterCrates in our online shop, and the response for these items has been very encouraging. Theme park and coaster enthusiasts still share our vision for high quality designs that celebrate their favourite rides and attractions.

We are therefore excited to announce that CoasterCrate will live on as an online store! Featuring limited edition 100% cotton screen printed t-shirts, exclusive merch inspired by your favourite rides and attractions, our unique CoasterConnects collectables series as well as a selection of bundles and crates to order on a one-off basis — CoasterCrate will combine stunning designs and great products to create an unforgettable selection of theme park merch.

Our store is now live at with a range of great products from our Dark Rides and Space crates. If you missed out the first time around, we recommend our Mega Crate with over £60 worth of our favourite merch items for just £29.95 including FREE UK delivery! We also accept Apple Pay, allowing for a quick, secure checkout using just your thumbprint on a compatible iOS or Mac device!

We are now beginning the process of creating new designs and products. Our new range will be limited and only the very best products and designs will see the light of day. Check our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles regularly to see previews and polls of our latest designs. The most popular ones will be put up for pre-order online and will be produced and fulfilled once we have received enough orders (similar to our process for Box Zero).

We’ve also received lots of questions and interest about when the CoasterCrate monthly subscription service will return. However it is clear that the challenges we faced previously running this would remain if we were to restart. As a result, the CoasterCrate monthly subscription service has been discontinued, with all existing subscriptions cancelled. We’d like to thank again everyone who subscribed and supported us and we hope you’ll check out our new products coming to our online store soon.

We haven’t given up our blog, interviews and articles either. Stay tuned for a brand new look ‘In the Loop’ CoasterCrate blog, new articles and plenty of content on our social media channels. (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) The CoasterCrate team will be heading to Europa Park very soon for our adrenaline fix, will we be lucky enough to be one of the first to experience the new Voltarium ride?

We’re looking forward to a great summer in the parks and making some great merch!